Add a Pair of Labs to Your family

A pair of labs means double the love!

Pairs often adjust to their new home more easily because they're used to relying on each other already.  Often, a pair has been living together for many years and we want to keep them together. 

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You can complete your application online using our easy to complete form. Once complete, your application will be forwarded to an Adoption Coordinator. It can take a week and more for your Adoption Coordinator to be in touch.

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If you are unable to complete our online application, you can download and print our application here.  Once completed, please fax to 1(888) 280-9798. Please note: Online applications are preferred.

Available Labs

Blackie (#170172) & Jay (#170171)

Blackie and Jay are 10 month old black neutered males.  Blackie weighs 87 lbs and Jay weighs 84 lbs.  They are up to date on vaccinations and are heartworm negative.  Blackie and Jay are approved for ages 10 and up.  Blackie and Jay are littermates who have always lived together and are very bonded. They need to be adopted as a pair. They're always together and both have incredibly sweet personalities. They're calm and mellow pups. Both are big and have more growing to do. We have no cat history. Both boys are good around other dogs and came from a home with multiple dogs. They've been good with any new dogs they have met at the kennel. Everyone who meets them falls in love with them. "They will melt your heart." "They are the sweetest."

Floyd (#160344) and Harvey (#160345)

Floyd and Harvey are a bonded pair and will be adopted together. Floyd is a 6 year old neutered male mixed breed who weighs 51 pounds and Harvey is a 7 year old neutered black male lab who weighs 58 pounds. Both are current on vaccines and heartworm negative. These two will need a yard with a physical, not invisible, fence. Floyd is a bit shy with people initially but he warms up quickly. He is good on leash, walking right beside his human and knows numerous commands. Harvey knows lots of commands, too, but because he is a social butterfly eager to meet and greet, he will need an easy walk harness for walks. Harvey loves to retrieve. Both are good with dogs, unknown with cats and approved for ages 10 and up. Both of the guys are fully trustworthy around the house and do not need to be crated.

Update from Floyd & Harvey's foster family Aug 13, 2016:

Happy Harvey and Five-o-Clock-Shadow Floyd (my newest nickname for him) have been enjoying themselves with toys or laying out in the sun. They are so easy--and eager--to please! These boys demand so little, and are ready for their forever family! 

Aug 3, 2016: Harvey and Floyd took a walk with their fosters yesterday. Harvey walks ok and needs some correction, but he does not try to run or act wild. He wants to walk ahead a little but he didn't seem to be pulling. Floyd is calm and heels on his own. Floyd has a bit of a fear of thunderstorms and hides until they are over. He prefers dark corners in the basement where is quieter. Harvey loves chasing a ball and he sometimes tries to get Floyd to play. They will play a little bit. The boys are really are so well behaved and you can easily tell that really love one another. They wait for each other in the yard and go in and outside together. They are very low maintenance, lovable pups. 

Update from Floyd and Harvey's Foster Family - Sept 18, 2016: They are a low-maintenance bonded pair who get along with the two resident canines. They love lounging, playing inside and outside, and getting belly and butt rubs. 
Fast Facts: 
1. Happy 
2. Harmonious (he will rest or play depending on what you want him to do and he gets along well with other dogs) 
3. Heeding (he is obedient) 
4. Helpful (he is Floyd's leader) 
5. Hilarious (when playing with toys and making faces at you) 
6. Handsome 
1. Freckled (have you seen his gorgeous coat??) 
2. Fuss-free (he will rest or play depending on what you want him to do and he gets along well with other dogs) 
3. Furniture-loving (he and Harvey love lounging on the couch) 
4. Funny while sleeping (sometimes he sleeps on his back!) 
5. Fantastic (an easygoing, gentle guy) 
6. Faithful (to you and to his brother Harvey) 
7. Follower (he follows around Harvey or you) 

Update from Floyd and Harvey’s Foster Family - Oct 14, 2016: Floyd and Harvey have been dreaming of a forever home. They are super sweet, gentle, and smart. Super low maintenance and and they love playing outside. They know basic commands and like playing with squeak toys. Floyd and Harvey like snoozing on the couch and hanging out with their people. 

Update from Floyd and Harvey’s Foster Family -  Nov 7, 2016: Floyd and Harvey are a low-maintenance bonded pair with great house manners. 

FLOYD, a 51-lb, 6-year-old neutered male mixed breed, is calm and a tad shy, which means he lets you take the lead. He doesn’t walk in front of you indoors or outdoors. He knows how to get comfy! He loves rolling up blankets into pillows and loves pieces of sardines with his meals. 

HARVEY, a 58-lb, 7-year-old neutered black lab, is playful and always smiling. He is a social butterfly. He tries to provoke Floyd (or you) to play. But he does know when to lay down and relax. He loves begging for belly rubs and to retrieve. He will come over to you, throw himself down and roll onto his back. He needs a harness for walks. 

Commands: sit, down, give paw, get toy. Good with other dogs!

  Watch the boys play here

  Watch Harvey play with his Frisbee

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Sponsored by Helen Skiba-Powell


Layla (#160774) & Gage (#160775)

Layla and Gage are a bonded pair of Labs who must be adopted together.  Layla is an 11 year old chocolate female, up to date on her shots and heartworm negative. Gage is a 6 year old chocolate male, up to date on his shots and heartworm negative. They are both good with cats and are approved for kids aged 5 and up. Layla weighs 78 lbs and Gage weighs 85.  They walk well on a leash and can be left at home, uncrated for several hours at a time.  They know basic commands.  They both have great manners and are happy, happy dogs who love being with their people. 

Update from their foster family - Jan 25, 2017:

Layla and Gage are sweet and thrive on getting attention. They are great family dogs and especially love children. They get very excited for walks and mealtime. Gage is full of energy and could use a bit more training on the leash. Layla still loves retrieving squeaky toys. They would love to find their own family so another needy dog could take up their space in their foster home. If you love chocolate labs, please take a look at this awesome pair. 

Feb 10, 2017: Feb 10, 2017: Layla and Gage can't believe they are still waiting for their forever home! This sweet chocolate pair would love to be your valentine! They are perfect in the house, and love to play outside and love the kids in their foster family. Wouldn't you love to wake up to these sweet faces every day? 

Feb 24, 2017: Layla and Gage continue to do well with their foster family. They love the kids and enjoy being outside and playing in the back yard. Gage is the spirited one and loves attention and makes sure you know it. They both are very sweet and loving and would do well with a family with kids and/or other dogs. 

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Sponsored by Elizabeth McFarland who also says 'bonded pairs are the best way to get two best friends all at once. We love you Layla & Gage, Love Morgan, River & Miss Daisy'
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