Lab Rescue of the LRCP rescues, fosters and place homeless, abused and / or abandoned Labrador Retrievers in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA.  We provide veterinary care, spay / neuter the Lab and place it with foster families where they are loved while they await adoption.

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Thank you to everyone to joined us on Sunday, May 21st at Quiet Waters Park. We had a great time and I hope you did too.  Thanks to your support, we raised about $135,000 which will be used to help welcome hundreds of Labs in need. 

If you'd like to browse the photos of this year's event click here!

Sponsor Ramsey! Hospice Doesn't Slow Him Down

Hospice is a word that can fill each of us with sadness and fear of the future. Sometimes, hospice offers inspiration. 

Each year, Lab Rescue welcomes Labs into its community knowing that an adopter may not be found because that dog has a terminal condition.  Each year we welcome Labs who need to celebrate their final days in loving foster homes. Ramsey is one of these dogs. Today, Ramsey has his wheels and is planning on wheeling at the Lab Rescue Dog Walk. Please sponsor Ramsey and show him that you care. When you sponsor Ramsey , you help Every Lab who needs us. 

Ramsey has 6 months to 1 year left to live because of a disease called Degenerative Myelopathy. It is a progressive disease of the spinal cord. He is not in any pain but it does cause progressive problems with balance and mobility. Eventually Ramsey will be paraplegic.  He was found, wobbly, as a stray and his previous family likely set him loose as his condition began to manifest.

Everyone who's met Ramsey has fallen in love with his charm and gentle spirit. He gives his people gentle kisses and loves to be with them.  He enjoys walks and playing with toys as long as you'll play along with him. 

We can't change Ramsey's prognosis but we can celebrate his life. Please sponsor Ramsey and show him you care!

Ramsey is in search of a very special home.  Today his is mobile but that may change as the disease progresses.  His only need is for a cat free home; he'll wheel after a cat and put his best Lab face forward with the best chase he can.

Daisy #3 (#160289) 

Daisy is an 11 year old spayed yellow female who is current on vaccines and heartworm negative. This sweet senior who used to do field trials in her younger days is in need of some TLC after a rough few years. She is good with dogs but would prefer to be a solo dog or with another very submissive dog. She is good with cats and is approved for kids aged 10 and up. Daisy weighs 54 pounds. Since coming to Lab Rescue she has perked up considerably thanks to good nutrition and finally getting the veterinary care she needed. She should not be crated, must go to a home with a fenced in yard (no invisible fences) and have people who are not gone for long periods, because this girl loves company. 

 Watch silly Daisy with her new food-dispensing ball. 

Update from Daisy's foster family - March 22, 2017:

Daisy is such a doll! She has settled in nicely to her foster home and is loving playing ball in the yard. She's a wonderful house guest and doesn't ask for much - just a bit of fetch and some love. 

Sponsor Daisy

Sponsored by Val Bianco
Sponsored by Anne Redmiles
Sponsored by John and Joan Grosskettler
Sponsored by Helen Skiba-Powell
Sponsored by Carolyn Poissant
Sponsored by Michelle L. Pinkerton in memory of Sam (Adopted from LR in 2011)

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This attractive magnet shows off a full rainbow of labs and will show everyone that you support Lab Rescue of the LRCP. The Magnet is 5 x 5 inches in size.
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Celebrate the love of your Lab(s) and the charm of our rescued Lab Rescue Labs. From puppies to seniors, we celebrate them all. They, like Cozette, the Lab featured on our cover, celebrate the loving hopes we offer.

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Next Adoption Event

Sunday, June 4, 2017 - Gaithersburg, MD

Date:  Sunday, June 4th, 2017

Time:  10:30 am - 12:30 pm
218 Kentlands Blvd, 
Gaithersburg, MD 20878


Resources for Adopters 

Thank you for adopting a lab from Lab Rescue of the LRCP.  Every year we find special homes like yours for hundreds of labs and along the way we have learned a lot that we hope can help you too. This section of our website is just for you and we hope it contains useful tips that can make the transition to your home move smoothly.

Remember that relationships don't just happen.  They take time and effort and along the way there may be bumps in the road.  That's to be expected but there are things that you can do to ease everyone's transition.  Don't be surprised by the occasional naughty behavior; it's normal.

If you have a question that doesn't appear in our resources section then please reach out to your adoption coordinator and he or she can get you the answers that you need.

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Welcoming your new lab

Registering your microchip

Introducing your cat

Your lab's health

Walking with your lab

Running with your lab

Dog park etiquette

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