Our Labs Available for Adoption

The labs listed on this page are always changing. Every day labs are adopted and new labs join us while they wait for their new forever home. If you are interested in adopting one of these labs from Lab Rescue, please fill out our adoption application and send it to us online (or by fax or mail). Lab Rescue of the LRCP asks that you read about the entire adoption process before submitting your application. We often receive questions about why so few labs are approved for young children. You can read about how we make that determination in the adoption process section of the website. Please note that the website is not the most up to date source of information. Some labs may have been adopted before the website shows them as adopted. 

Lab Rescue LRCP rescues and places dogs in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and northeast North Carolina (30 miles east of I-95 and north of the Pamlico Sound). Adopters must travel to Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC, with their family – human and canine – to meet the dog they want to adopt.

If you live outside of the Lab Rescue service area and would like to adopt, please review the list of rescues elsewhere in the country, available at www.thelabradorclub.com, do a  Google search on Lab Rescue and your location, or search on Petfinder.com or Adoptapet.com to find a rescue who places Labs near you.

Lab Rescue welcomes sponsors for our Labs!  Please visit the Labs Seeking Sponsors page of our website and help a Lab while he or she waits for their forever home.

Apply Online

You can complete your application online using our easy to complete form. Once complete, your application will be forwarded to an Adoption Coordinator. It can take a week and more for your Adoption Coordinator to be in touch.

Print and Send Application

If you are unable to complete our online application, you can download and print our application here.  Once completed, please fax to 1(888) 280-9798. Please note: Online applications are preferred.

Available Labs



Lab Rescue puppies are all up to date on their shots and are being socialized well in their foster homes. These puppies are available to puppy approved adopters only, since puppies require more time, attention, socialization and training. Please fill out an application and speak to your adoption coordinator for more information!

Good Buddy (#140935)  -- 
Four month old black male who weighs 19 pounds.  Good with age 1 and up. 
 Watch Good Buddy enjoying some play time

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BlueBell (#140933) & Daisy (#140934)


BlueBell is a 8 year old black spayed female and Daisy is a 10 year old black spayed female. They are up to date on their shots and are heartworm negative. BlueBell and Daisy are good with other dogs and cats, and are approved for children aged 10 and up. BlueBell weighs 113 lbs and needs to lose about 50. Daisy weighs 91 lbs and needs to lose about 20. Daisy and BlueBell are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. Both pups are house and crate trained but they don’t need to be crated anymore. They are great with both big and small dogs and are very tolerant and loving of small animals. Daisy even lets the cat sit on her head! They are looking for a loving family that will spoil them with attention and love, and will help both pups get into fighting form with a low calorie diet and exercise.

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Colt (#140311)

  Watch Colt on YouTube

Colt is a 12 year old neutered chocolate male.  He is up to date on his shots and is heartworm positive but he will continue to use the monthly preventatives instead of a treatment.   Colt weighs 76 lbs and is approved for children aged 10 an up.  Colt came to Lab Rescue as a member of a bonded pair.  He has adjusted well, but must go to a home with another dog.

Update from Colt's foster family - 10/6/2014

Colt enjoys relaxing and is easy going. He is always ready for a walk and is a dream on lead.  He also enjoys a good ride. He is calm and affectionate and very low maintenance.  A few games of fetch keeps him happy for the whole day. He was part of a bonded pair and definitely needs another dog to be his companion. Colt loves hanging out with my dog and often follows me around the house. He does well in the house during the work day with a midday outing.

Colt is a wonderful companion. He is happy to be at your side and so appreciative if you take a few minutes to pet him. He will pick up a bone occasionally for a little chew. He is perfectly mannered in the house. Colt enjoys time in the yard.  He loves following the scent trails of bunnies who have scampered through he yard and find a comfortable spot to settle down. He loves being first to the ball and then carrying it around to make sure the other dogs know that he has it. Colt is a very even-tempered guy. Every day begins with furious tail-wagging and happy greetings to everyone, human or canine, and ends with a satisfied grunt as he settles in for the evening. He’s a lovely, gentle character and a complete pleasure to host. 
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Daisy #6 (#140928)

Daisy is a 6 year old spayed yellow female. She is up to date on her shots and is heartworm negative. Daisy is good with both dogs and cats, and is approved for children aged 10 and up. She weighs 68 lbs and needs to lose 3. Daisy is very sweet and loves getting attention. She especially loves belly rubs! She is doing great with her 3 foster dog brothers and her many foster cat siblings. She is currently staying in a country environment with many animals, including chickens, goats, and ducks and is fitting in perfectly. Daisy would prefer to live in a single family suburban or rural home because she has found she is a country girl at heart. Daisy isn’t a fan of the crate, but she doesn’t need to be crated when left in the house. Daisy is searching for the perfect forever family that will love her to pieces and spoil her with love and attention.

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Dakota (#140824) 

Dakota is a 7 year old neutered chocolate male. He is up to date on his shots and is heartworm negative. Dakota is good with both dogs and cats and is approved for children aged 10 and up. He weighs 80 lbs. Dakota is a country boy at heart so he would prefer a family with a suburban or rural home. Dakota is a handsome, big chocolate gentleman. He loves to play fetch! Dakota will come with a training addendum.

Update from Dakota's foster family 12/1/2014

Dakota is a gorgeous boy with a big blocky head. He loves to get attention and is trying to figure out new things. He's a sweet boy and wants to play with other dogs but doesn't always understand their cues.  He does well walking on an Easy Walk harness and he readily leans into you for love.

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Empire (#140715)  

Empire is an 8 year old neutered black male. He is up to date on his shots and is heartworm negative. He is good with other dogs and is approved for children aged 10 and up. He weighs 85 lbs. Empire is a country boy and would prefer not to live in an apartment/condo setting. Empire is an easygoing guy who enjoys being with you to keep you company. He especially likes getting back scratches. Empire pulls a little on the lead so he will benefit from the use of an easy walk harness. Empire has hyperthyroidism, which can easily be controlled with relatively low cost medicine. 

Update from Empire's foster family - 12/19/2014

Empire is a handsome boy and has become the all-time favorite with the kennel staff. He walks great on the leash and loves to hang out with humans. He's been working on strengthening his back end and building more muscle tone. Empire does well meeting other dogs, but would prefer to be center of attention.  Empire is sweet and handsome. His primary goal in life is to be with his people. He has good house manners, although he will show mild interest when people food's around, but responds quickly to correction. He always looks for the softest place to sleep.  Empire knows “sit” and “stay”.  He is friendly to any new person he meets and shows strong curiosity in new places. He will be a wonderful companion to someone home more often than not in a home with limited stairs.  Empire would appreciate a couch potato who will thoroughly enjoy giving chin and ear scratches, and belly rubs.

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Enrico Caruso aka 'Gumbo' (#130726)

Gumbo is a beautiful neutered black male who is 1.5 years old, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, and weighs in at 52 pounds. He enjoys peanut butter kongs, cuddling with his people, and playing with other dogs; visits to the vet, not so much. This energetic young guy needs to be adopted to a family without children and with another playful dog in the house. He will benefit from training as he is such a young pup.

Foster Family Update: Gumbo is a very sweet and loving young boy! He is full of energy and needs an active family to keep up with him. He loves chew toys and especially a Kong filled with peanut butter to keep him busy. He is always looking to please and wants to cuddle right up next to you. He needs firm direction and will need obedience training but knows basic commands and is highly food motivated. He loves going for long walks and runs and needs daily exercise to keep up with his energy, a good sized, fenced in yard would be a great plus. He does well on a leash but pulls a little to keep you moving! He loves playing with other dogs and gets extremely excited when he sees other dogs on walks. He is a little unsure about bicycles, skateboards, and large cars, so he does tend to bark when they're passing by. 

Gumbo needs slow introductions to new visitors or family members. Having them give him treats works very well. He is crated during the day and complains at first, but eventually settles down. During the evening he is left out and does very well and will cuddle right up with you. He is a great alarm clock and is full of energy and ready to start the day! 


Ethel (#140714)

Ethel is a 7 year old spayed yellow female. She is up to date on her shots and is heartworm negative.  Ethel is good with other dogs and approved for children aged 10 and up. She weighs 55 lbs but should be about 65. Ethel is very friendly, like people and other dogs, and has moderate energy. She is crate trained and house trained. Ethel is a very sweet dog and will be a super companion to her forever family. Ethel will need to be routinely examined for enlarged lymph nodes as she had to have a growth removed from one of her mammary glands. She is feeling great, and loves all the attention and love she is getting. She is looking for a family that will promise to give her attention and love forever!

Update from Ethel's (now Ellie) foster family - 11/30/2014

Ellie is doing well, she is very well mannered and her behavior is almost perfect. She loves to go for rides and walks, greets all other dogs with her tail wagging.   She is a sweet soul who loves to be rubbed and petted. Very well- mannered and doesn't get on the furniture {has the recessive no furniture lab gene}. She gets along very well with our 3 year old black lab who she hangs with during the day. She loves going to the dog park, where she is been friendly with everyone she meets. Ellie is completely house and crate trained and sleeps in her crate at night by preference. She may be 7 years old but, she has plenty of energy for walks and play. Her skin conditions is greatly improved you would not recognize her as the same dog we took in. With her good manners and friendly personality she would be an easy fit into most any family.

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Flint (#140867)  

Flint is an 18 month-old yellow male described as calm and sweet. This pup weighs 63 pounds, rides well in the car, is good with dogs, and unknown with cats.  He will need to go to a home with another dog as this handsome guy loves company. He would also love a situation where he can go to the office with his person! Flint is heartworm positive and Lab Rescue will cover his treatment provided it is done at one of our vets.  Does great on the leash, rides well in the car and appears to be housebroken. He's approved for ages 10 and up. 


Gertie (#140686)

Gertie is a 2 year 9 month old yellow spayed female who knows a few commands already. Sweet Gertie is a country girl who probably would not do well in an apartment or condo. She gets along with other dogs and must go to a home with another dog. She would do best with older children, aged 16 and up. Gertie is heartworm positive, but her treatment will be covered by Lab Rescue if it is provided by one of our vets.  Gertie is learning to walk on a leash and is house trained, but this beautiful yellow girl will benefit from formal training. 

Update from Gertie's foster family 11/30/2014

Gertie is a love who enjoys being with you and getting attention which she rewards with a wagging tail and kisses. She goes on walks through a wooded trail with the neighborhood dogs which includes running through the wood, splashing through mud puddles and going swimming in the ponds. She is a little timid when she first does something new but after she figures out that it isn't going to hurt her she is fine. If she encounters something new she comes back to Roxanne to get reassurance then she is off again. She would do better with another dog to teach her the ropes and give her company.She doesn't get into trouble when she is left alone and has free run of the house, no counter surfing or garbage can exploring.



Gracie #4 (#140855) and Lotus (#140856)

Gracie and Lotus are a bonded pair of 7 year old Labs who must be adopted together. They are AKC registered purebred labs who ride well in the car and love squeaky toys. Gracie is a spayed yellow female who is 70 pounds. Her best pal Lotus is a 93 pound neutered black male who needs to lose about 10 pounds. Both are heartworm negative and up-to-date on vaccines. Gracie is almost completely blind and is also diabetic. She receives inexpensive insulin shots and gets around just fine. 

Update from their foster family 11/24/2014

Gracie and Lotus are best buds and are a sweet and bonded pair. Gracie is insulin dependent and almost completely blind . She is an AKC registered, purebred lab whose tail wags when she hears you talk to her. Her best bud Lotus gives her reassurance and security. Lotus is a big jovial guy, calm and happy. He pulls a little on the leash and is willing to try anything. They both ride well in the car and get along with other dogs. Owner said they sleep on their dog beds and love their squeaky toys.

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Harley #2 (#140327)  

Watch Harley Play

Harley is a 2 year old black neutered male.  He is up to date on his shots and is heartworm negative.  He weighs 61 lbs, is good with other dogs and approved for ages 18 and up.  Harley would prefer not to be in an apartment or condo as he is not a city dog and would love to have a large yard to run around and play in. Harley only has 1/3 of a tail as a result of untreated happy tail, however, the rest of him is happy enough to make up for that missing part.

Update from Harley's foster family - 12/4/2014

Harley is good with other dogs and enjoys meeting all people. He will jump up to say hello when he greets them. He has moderate energy, and did well with a twice daily mile long walk. He is more easily walked with the gentle leader. He likes all toys. He is a countersurfer so put everything out of reach and secure your trash can. He is crate trained and if you offer him a treat, he will go running into his crate. He also knows sit, down, come, and shake. He will play fetch forever, he retrieves beautifully and he will drop the ball at your feet. He loves to run in the yard. Be careful around the door as he loves to explore. He settled nicely in the house and would take morning and afternoon naps. If he gets some exercise, he’s happy and quite laid back for a young guy.



Harvey (#140900)

Harvey is a four and a half year old chocolate boy who is neutered and is good with other dogs but unknown with cats. This sweet little boy weighs 58 pounds, is heartworm negative and approved for ages 10 and up.  Harvey is blind in one eye and probably vision impaired in his other, but gets along just fine. Lab rescue will have him evaluated by an ophthalmologist. He is a nice boy looking for a home with plenty of space for him to play since he is a country boy unaccustomed to city noises.

Update from Harvey's foster family 12/4/2014

Harvey is the perfect Lab. He is house trained. He goes out in the yard and walks to the back door and he goes right out to do his business. He is crate trained, it takes some encouragement to get him in but then he's fine. He sleeps all night without a peep. He was left alone for about 5 hours today and was still sleeping in the crate when his foster returned. He has the routine down pat and fits right in. He loves to cuddle in bed with his foster and the resident dogs. He navigates every inch of the house very well. He is allowed on the couch and he loves it. He needs no help getting down from either the couch or the bed. He's such a mellow fellow. We had visitors today and he slid to the ground and showed his belly. He's not a counter surfer, although being in the kitchen makes him happy. He walks great on the easy-walk harness and really seemed to enjoy today's walk. He loves my dogs. Harvey is okay going out in the morning darkness (he is leashed when it's dark- with a flashlight), but he really doesn't like going out after 5pm. When Harvey doesn't want to do something (go out the back, or get in his crate) he flops down, and shows his belly. Its adorable and he'll very easily wrap you around his paw!   He is a great foster and he will make a wonderful, sweet and loving addition to one lucky family! 

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Hershey (#140919) 

Hershey is a five year old chocolate male. He is neutered, heartworm negative and up to date on his vaccines. Hershey walks well on the leash and is friendly with everyone he meets.  Good with dogs but unknown with cats. Hershey is a country boy and probably would not do well in an urban environment. He weighs 69 pounds.

Update from Hershey's foster family - 12/19/2014

Hershey is a complete teddy bear. He has so much to give and is generous with his Hershey kisses. He takes treats gently and loves the human attention. His coat is coarse and bleached from living outside, but that will change in no time now that he's indoors and on a good diet. He walks nicely on the leash. This little bear is on his way to blossoming. He'll be smiling in no time.


Jaxon (#140882)

Jaxon is a beautiful 2-year-old neutered black male who is heartworm negative and up-to-date on his vaccines. He has mastered the lab lean is housebroken, too. He weighs 62 pounds, is good with dogs, unknown with cats and approved for ages 10 and up. This cute guy pulls some on the lead and walks well with the easy walk harness. He is a country boy and it's uncertain how he would do in a more urban environment's

Update from Jaxon's foster family 11/26/2014

Jaxon gets along great with all the foster's dogs as well as my son. He loves romping around in the back yard and playing but is very good in the house once he gets exercised. He loved the comfy dog beds and just following his foster around. He was not super happy about the crate but settled in and slept all night. Jaxon is very friendly and loves to be around people, his tail never stops wagging when he is with you. He has a mean lablean and enjoys getting his belly scratched. He is a big ol' puppy who is excited to meet new people. He loves other dogs but youthful exuberance can be a bit overwhelming for some.



Jordy (#140940) 

Jordy is a four-year-old neutered chocolate male who's up to date on vaccines and heartworm negative. He weighs 61 pounds, is good with other dogs, but still unknown with cats. Jordy is very happy and playful, with a constantly wagging tail. He is approved for ages 10 and up. 


Knox (#140908) 

Knox is a 10 month old black neutered male.  He weighs 59 pounds and is heartworm negative. Knox is an exuberant, friendly boy.  Like any young pup, he could use some training, but is overall well mannered.  He loves other dogs and enjoys chew toys.  Knox has a great Lab Lean and is keeping his run clean at the vet.


Layla (#140465) 

Watch Layla Play!  

Layla is a 3 year old fox red spayed female.  She is up to date on her shots and is heartworm negative.  She is good with other dogs and is approved for kids aged 10 and up.  She weighs 40 lbs.  Layla is a lovable and affectionate girl.  She is very playful with other dogs and listens when called. She likes the water, and would be a good running mate.  She is very calm in the house and just likes to be with you. Layla spent a long time in a rural shelter and is a bit timid with new noises, but is not fearful of them.  

Update from Layla's foster family 12/4/2014

She is great in the house and does not need to be crated. She gets along well with all the resident dogs and has learned to love swimming too! She is a great petite size and just and awesome little gal! She LOVES toys and balls!! 

Update from Layla's foster family - 12/4/2014

Layla is very sweet and loveable. When we first got Layla, she was extremely anxious with all noises and everything was new. Almost everything frightened her. After a couple of months, she had settled in considerably. After 4 months she remains cautious with anyone new. She has warmed up to several of our friends that have gotten to know her and we know this is the best plan for her adoption. She will be a great companion. she loves to run off and on leash, she comes when called, she is small enough to go hiking and also take camping. she is quite the snuggle bug and loves to cuddle. She is housetrained and well behaved.  She does not like to be approached by strangers and that will require management, hence the disciplined family. She is extremely well behaved.  She has come a very long way and we continue to see her making progress weekly. 

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Luke #4 (#140847)  

Luke is a 7 year old yellow neutered male.  He is approved for kids 10 and up, is good with other dogs and weighs 64 pounds.  No cats for Luke.  He is heartworm negative.  Luke is very friendly, social boy.  He's been wonderful with every person he's met and knows Sit and Stay.  He has a great Lab Lean and takes treats well.  Luke's hips are a bit stiff and he's taking glucosamine to add some flexibility, but he gets around just fine.

Update from Luke's foster family 12/2/2014

Luke has been getting along with everyone he meets. He does bark when someone comes to the door but that's what most dogs do. He has a lot of energy for even a young dog, so at 7 he is very active which is wonderful for someone who loves to walk and be outside. He likes long leisurely walks or brisk short jaunts - he's not choosy as long as it involves being outdoors seeing sites and smelling smells. He has the gait of a jogging buddy and will exhaust himself playing fetch.  Luke's perfect home would have a fenced yard so he can run and play. He is good with other dogs and has gotten along great with all the dogs he's met, but none have been small ones, so keep his high prey drive in mind. His fur is so silky soft and he has the sweetest little puppy face. He loves stuffed toys, especially his hedgehog. He is house trained and crate trained though he hasn't been crated in his current foster home. he gets a little excited in the car, and he knows basic commands. He loves to snuggle, sleeps on the couch with my lab at night and is just overall a lovable lab.

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Maisy (#140941)

Maisy is a 1 year old yellow spayed female.  She weighs 52 pounds and is approved for kids 10 and up.  She is heartworm negative.  Maisy must go to a home with another dog.  Maisy is a happy, bouncy puppy who needs a quiet and patient family to help her blossom into a confident girl.  She is shy at first, but opens up with a squeaky tennis ball and another pup to play with.  Maisy is more tentative with men, so patience while she builds her trust is key.  She would prefer a home in a quiet neighborhood with a fenced yard to play in.

Update from Maisy's foster family 12/19/2014

Maisy has GREAT house manners...doesn't even sniff at the counter. She only chews appropriate things and hasn't gotten into any mischief at all. She's smart as a whip. In the list of things that Maisy knows...sit, lay down, touch, watch me, stay. Each day I teach her something new and she learns it quickly and doesn't need a reminder the next day.  She does fine through the night, sharing the bed with her foster family and pretty much curled up through the night. She woke up a couple of times and checked in with us to make sure that we were as happy to have her here as she is to be here.

We had our first long walk this morning. A harness is a must for Maisy. She pulls like the Dickens and can get a bit fearful if she's over stimulated i.e. we were at the end of the busy street and turned the corner just as a man came out the front door of his house. She didn't make a peep, just did a bit of a spin and tried to run away. We'll work on that with treats while she's here.

What can I say except that Maisy is 90% puppy and about 10% 'WHAT'S THAT?' kind of fearful. So far, giving her time to process and then pick up and move on to fun stuff again works great. But the key is to take it in stride rather than be too sympathetic to her fears.

She's a real hoot! Bounce, bounce, play! She can sail across the room onto the sofa with a toy in her mouth. And she runs back and forth - resident dog...touch...foster mom....touch....back to the resident dog for a boop with her nose. Loves squeaky toys. Loves tennis balls. Not a fan of the camera but we'll work on that.

She settled in for a cuddle last night and was just writhing with glee in my lap until the snoring started. Definitely thinks she's a lap lab...oh wait...she was a lap lab ;-)

A resident dog is a must for Maisy. A playful one at that. She would really like nothing more than to run around the yard with him. She's a bit boisterous for the lab here but she keeps trying and is very fun loving puppy about it. Bowing and nudging for him to play.

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Mellow Cup (#140918)

Mellow Cup is a 7 year old Chocolate neutered male.  He is approved for kids 10 and up and is good with dogs.  He weighs 110 pounds but needs to lose at least 15.  He is heartworm negative.  Mellow Cup is a nice boy who is friendly with other dogs, cats and people.  He does get startled with fast moves, so it's best to go slow with him as he gets used to his new surroundings.  He walks well on leash.

Update from Mellow Cup's foster family 12/19/2014

What a difference every day makes for this sweet boy. We spent time outside walking and meeting people and this big boy is generous with his loving. Mellow Cup is feeling so much more confident than he was when he first arrived almost two weeks ago. His coat is looking better too!

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Mica (#140866)

Mica is a 5 year old neutered black male.  He weighs 55 pounds and is approved for kids 10 and up.  He is good with other dogs, cats and is heartworm positive. Mica is a calm, gentle pup.  He walks well on leash and is a great rider in the car.  Mica appears to be housebroken and knows many commands.

Update from Mica's foster family  12/4/2014

Mica is a great dog! He is housebroken and does not need to be crated. He is good with dogs and cats - he actually prefers to be friends with the cats and gets his feelings hurt when one of the foster cats hides from him! He would best be placed in a home with another dog, or with cats to keep him company. He LOVES his people and is very sensitive. On a recent trip to visit family with his foster over the holidays, he cried for his foster when she went out shopping. He loves car rides and going for walks. He loves nothing more than to curl up on a blanket on the floor.  He is a a gentle walker and takes treats so very gently.


Mistletoe (#140907)

Mistletoe is a 1 year old black spayed female.  She weighs 41 pounds but should gain a few. She is approved for kids 10 and up and is heartworm negative. Mistletoe is a sweet girl who is good with other dogs.  She can be shy with people at first, but warms up quickly and is very affectionate.  Mistletoe has good manners, walks well on lash and rides well in the car. She is keeping her run clean at the vet. Mistletoe likes to chew, so like most young pups, she needs toys to keep her busy.  This sweet, petite pup is also keeping her run clean at the vet.


Niko (#140674) & Onyx (#140675)

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Niko and Onyx are a bonded pair of dogs.  Niko is a 5 year old yellow neutered male.  He weighs 82 pounds and needs to lose between 8 and 10.  Onyx is a 9 year old neutered male.  He weighs 102 pounds and needs to lose around 20.  Niko and Onyx are approved for children 10 and up and are good with other dogs.

Update from their foster family - 11/24/2014

Niko and Onyx are very sweet dogs. They love attention from people and enjoy playing with each other. They ride great in the car. They both like to retrieve and run around a fenced in yard but will settle when it is time to do so. Onyx loves to roll in the grass while Niko enjoys exploring the yard. They love to chase each other around the yard. Niko likes to pick up sticks and Onyx will steal it away, and back and forth they go in a game of keep-away. In the evening both like to cuddle up next their foster's chair, or if ambitious one or the other will climb on the foot rest in front of the chair for some one-on-one time. Onyx and Niko are perfectly mannered in the house. Both were crate trained as pups, but haven't needed one in years.  They  know sit, paw, stay, down and roll over. They are very much cuddle bugs and have spots in the bed with their name on them. They love all the people they meet and belly rubs and scratches. Niko loves stuffed animals and Onyx likes to chew on bones. 

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Sponsored by the Short Family in honor of Aurora & Belle




Raven (#140914)

Raven is a 7 year old spayed black female. She is up to date on her shots and is heartworm negative.  She is good with other dogs, but not cats, and is approved for kids aged 10 and up. She weighs 89 lbs. Raven is a happy, affectionate girl who has been well loved. She likes to fetch and enjoys playing with other dogs. She pulls a bit on leash as she isn’t used to one, so an easy walk harness will help.  She knows sit, down and come. 


Rusty (#140930)

Rusty is an 8 year old fox red male. He is up to date on his shots and is heartworm negative.  He is good with other dogs and is approved for kids aged 10 and up.  He weighs 64 lbs. Rusty is a country boy who has had limited exposure to city life.  He should be adopted to a single family suburban or rural home. Rusty is easy going and laid back.  He likes to go for walks and investigate new things, but is very comfortable hanging around.  He’ll be happy to join you on the couch (just in case you might be lonely).


Rusty (#140947) & Bo (#140948)

Rusty and Bo are a bonded pair of labs. Rusty is a 6 year old neutered chocolate male who weighs 62 lbs, and Bo is a 6 year old neutered black male who weighs 61 lbs. They are up to date on their shots, good with other dogs, and heartworm negative. They are approved for kids aged 10 and up.  Bo and Rusty are affectionate boys who loves belly rubs and loves to give kisses. They are house and crate trained and love to go for walks. They knows sit, down, stay, and house (crate). The boys need a fenced yard as they love to run and retrieve.   


Sally (#140118)

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Don't let this grey muzzle fool you!  Sally is a 6 year old spayed black female. She is up to date on her shots and is heartworm negative. She would love to be the apple of her family's eye as an only dog and is approved for kids aged 10 and up. She weighs 60 lbs and is in great shape. Sally is very well trained and knows many commands including sit and shake. Don't let that grey muzzle fool you; this is no senior dog.  She is active girl who loves to retrieve and then settle in for a good night of cuddles and kisses.

Update from Sally's foster family 11/7/2014

She's been patiently waiting for her forever family but Sally would love to be home for the holidays.  She is loving her time with the  foster fam and has thrived but she says alright already!  Sally is even thinking about dying her muzzle.....perhaps she can't get that interview because of the shades of grey???   She is a joyful, tail-wagging dog!   Sally is a smart, spunky, and spirited girl. She enjoys lengthy walks and some playtime everyday. During the day, when her fosters have errands to run or household chores to do, Sally will lounge. She is a perfect companion. The progress she has made since she came to Lab Rescue is amazing and she continues to show improvement everyday. She was fearful when she arrived but is now extremely comfortable in her foster home. She thrives on routine and is a creature of habit. Her house manners are wonderful, she knows many commands and tricks, is always ready for an adventure and keeps her fosters laughing. She thoroughly enjoys sniffing games and likes being challenged mentally. Sally attends training classes and she loves to go.   As if all this is not enough, Sally is a rock star...just look at all the video's she has out!  

She is fearful of other dogs and Sally needs to be an only dog and live in a quiet household in a home with a fenced yard. Sally loves being with her humans and will make a fantastic and loyal companion.  

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Seren(#140830) & Shiloh (#140831) 

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Serena and Shiloh are a unique bonded pair! Serena is a 2 year old spayed black female who is up to date on her shots and is heartworm negative. Her buddy Shiloh is a 4 year old neutered tricolor male beagle, who is up to date on his shots and is heartworm negative.  Serena weighs 52 lbs and Shiloh weighs 40 lbs.  They are good with other dogs and are approved for kids aged 7 and up.  These two have lived together since Serena was a pup and she is dependent on him.  When you toss a toy, Serena will normally get to it first and tease Shiloh until he joins in the play.  They both like attention and being petted, and Shiloh will happily let you know if he thinks he's not getting enough attention.  They know sit and down and are pretty good at stay. This odd couple are from the country and have had limited exposure to city noises, traffic and groups of people, so they should be adopted in an environment they'll feel comfortable in.

Update from their foster family - 12/20/2014

The girls are doing great. They haven't bothered the Christmas tree at all. Shiloh was so funny when his fosters were decorating. He hopped on a sofa that we don't allow the dogs on. I told him "off". He got right down but hopped up again when I turned away. When I told him to get off again he did but then went and sat in Serena's crate. It was really cute, almost like put himself in a timeout. He loves to curl up in his foster's lap.  Serena loves rope bones. She is a chewer so good chew toys are needed, she doesn't really bother any non-toy items.

Serena and Shiloh are a lot of fun. They do fairly well on the leashes. They ride great in the car. Both of them like to sit and look out the windows on the drive. Yesterday, they got to play with some toys that they could play tug-of-war with. Of course, they quickly figured out where the toy stash was. Today, Serena disappears upstairs and comes down with a "new" toy. Up she goes again and down with a new toy. She was so funny she kept going back to get more and the total count was 4. They are so good about sleeping on their dog bed. Every once in a while one of them wants to sleep on their foster's bed, but listens to their fosters to sleep in their own bed. They are working on their "down" command. They are great at sit, but need to work on down. As long as they know treats are involved they are pretty attentive. 
Serena is partial to squeaky toys of any kind. Outside she loves to run around with a ball in her mouth. Shiloh likes to play tug of war with toys (one fatality so far), and of course he will chase Serena when she has the ball. Occasionally he gets it but Serena steals it back pretty quick. 

Shiloh is definitely the sweetest older "brother". Serena will actually take treats out of his mouth and he will let her. He never growls at her except in play. They are getting better on leashes, but mostly they like to run and play in the back yard. They will love going to a home where they can run and chase each other. Squirrels and birds won't be visiting the yard any time soon, both Serena and Shiloh chase them away. Serena is working on her kitchen manners. She does counter surf. They will go into the crate with a little encouragement. They have been getting Kongs with some peanut butter in the mornings before their foster leaves for work. These two are just so much fun.

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Shadow (#100351)

Shadow is a 7 year old neutered chocolate lab. He is up to date on his shots and is heartworm negative.  He is good with other dogs, but not cats, and is approved for kids aged 8 and up.  He weighs 95 lbs.  Shadow has a great personality and gets along with everyone (though he will chase cats, chickens and squirrels if given the opportunity). He is used to having someone home most of the time, and will go into his crate with the door open often, though he likes to sleep on a dog bed or the couch too.  He is a strong boy, and needs a home with a fenced yard and someone to take him for long walks on a regular basis. Shadow had an ACL repair of his right leg and is looking for a family that will continue working on strengthening his muscle tone with swimming or an underwater treadmill.  Shadow is also epileptic and has seizures, despite trying different medications for him over the last year. 


Sheila (#140291)

Sheila is an 8 month old spayed yellow female.  She is up to date on her shots and is heartworm negative.  She is good with other dogs and must go to a home with another dog and is approved for kids aged 10 and up.  She weighs 39 lbs and is still growing. Sheila loves to play with other dogs, but is a bit shy in new situations. She's starting to come out to investigate on her own. She is house and crate trained, and walks well on lead.  Sheila knows sit and is working on down and stay. 
Update from Sheila's foster family 10/2/2014

Sheila is growing more confident every day.​ A​fter two months with ​her foster​, she's about 90% comfortable with her now very familiar surroundings. She likes to pretend she's top dog, and not the tiniest one in the house, and will play/wrestle with everyone except the oldest foster sibling - she respects her frosty faced elders. Sheila plays hard (and sometimes a little dirty!) rolling and tumbling and chasing the other dogs in the yard. She definitely enjoys playing fetch inside too - and is great about bringing the ball back to you over and over. Outside, she will still only return the ball to you on her terms - when she wants you to throw it again! Otherwise she is quite content to run around with the ball in her mouth, taunting the other pups with her "keep away" skills. ​​When her foster gets home from work, she barks (she has a big girl bark!) to remind her she is in the crate and it's time to come OUT, and as soon as we're outside, she'll stand next to her tennis ball and bark as if to remind me that it can't throw itself! ​ 

Sheila would prefer to stay home in a quiet, fenced yard, chasing tennis balls and wrestling with canine playmates. She also knows how to swim, and enjoys it. It took a few nudges to get her in the pool, but once in - she swam strong and fast! Sheila is starting to look really nice with all of the TLC she's gotten, and now this softie just wants to find her forever home! 





Sugar Baby (#140920)

Sugar Baby is a 9 year old spayed chocolate female.  She is up to date on her shots and is heartworm negative.  She is good with other dogs and is approved for kids aged 10 and up. She weighs 90 lbs. Sugar Baby is a quiet girl who likes to say hello to you. She walks well on a leash and is friendly with other dogs, but doesn’t care for young, energetic dogs in her face.  She is curious about her surroundings and likes to smell everything.  Sugar Baby has lived in the country and isn’t used to city noises or traffic, so she should be adopted to a single family suburban or rural home.

Update from Sugar Baby 12/19/2014

 I am quiet and gentle and love to have my ample girth scratched; I learned that the foster parents really like my kisses too. Foster Mom said I am a potty-trained All Star! The foster parents are working on my weight- which I think is just fine- and trying to get me in prime condition for some dental work. I really like playing with balls (d’uh!) and squeaky toys and foster mom said I have the most glorious waddle when I retrieve. The first thing I did when I got here was go fishing on the pool cover. I am really loving living inside- we each have a big warm comfy bed.

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Sunshine (#140921)

Sunshine is a 7 year old spayed yellow female. She is up to date on her shots and is heartworm negative.  She is good with other dogs and is approved for kids aged 10 and up.  She weighs 67 lbs.  Sunshine is a friendly girl who is learning to walk on a leash  - she stops to get approval from you as she walks.  She is a very submissive girl and is friendly with other dogs and people.  She loves to give kisses and sit on your lap, and just wants to absorb as much love as possible. She’s had a rough start to life, but is coming around well with the attention of people.  Sunshine has lived in the country and isn’t used to city noises or traffic, so she should be adopted to a single family suburban or rural home. 

Update from Sunshine - 12/19/2014

They call me Velcro, but my real name is Sunshine. I sit on one hip so I can rotate back and forth between foster mom and foster dad when they decide they have to use their hands for something other than petting me. I am not that interested in toys but human attention is my big motivator; I am quickly becoming a champion snuggler and facewasher. I was kind of wild on the leash during my trip down here, but now, FM has me healing off the leash and we play a game to see how fast I can sit when she stops. Other than that game, though, I am still learning to sit and lay down and to keep my paws to myself but I am housetrained!


Suzie (#140853)

Suzie is a 9 year old spayed black female.  She is up to date on her shots and is heart worm positive - Lab Rescue will pay for her treatment.  She is good with other dogs and is approved for kids aged 10 and up. She weighs 45 lbs and should gain 5-10 lbs.   Suzie has a bit of gray, but has a lot of spunk left in her and enjoys running and playing with other dogs.  She is super sweet and so gentle. She rides well in the car and loves and craves attention. Suzie is used to being a country girl and should be adopted to a single family suburban or rural home. 

Dec 4, 2014: Suzie Says: 
Foster Mom says I'm the perfect girl for anyone who wants a lab that cherishes their humans. I love being close by and keeping them in sight. After waking up on my dog bed in the morning, I walk over to foster Mom and nudge her with my cold nose and wagging tail. I love that she wakes up and starts petting me. I just rub my nose and face all around in her to show her how much I love her. We all go outside for our morning break while foster Dad prepares our breakfast. I'm a great eater now; especially when foster Mom makes me Satin Balls. I heard a rumor that they might be made today! Oh, I usually will romp with Reese outside some. I'm hoping Tara will play soon too. I'm still looking for my forever home so call your AC to find out more about making me your sweet girl. 

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Swift (#140741)  

Swift is a 4 year old spayed black female.  She is up to date on her shots and is heartworm  negative.  She is good with other dogs and is approved for kids aged 10 and up.  She weighs 52 lbs. Swift is from a rural area and doesn't enjoy living in a city, apartment or busy neighborhood.  She loves people and is a sweet girl who enjoys life. Swift pulls a bit on lead and is very inquisitive, so an Easy Walk harness will be good for her. She enjoys meeting other dogs, but loves to be the center of attention in her home. 

 Update from Swift's foster family - 12/19/2014

Swift if patiently waiting for a foster home to open up. She walks well on the leash and is attentive of her surroundings. Swift gets along with dogs and would like to hang out with another energetic dog. She would love to be home for the holidays.   Super sweet and Snuggly Swift says, I had a great weekend and really enjoyed having my people around all day. It was a busy weekend but we managed to squeeze in a little training. I'm doing pretty good but I still have a lot to learn. When FM tells me to stay, that means stay next to her, right? Running with the pack all day is a lot of fun, but In the evenings when it is time to unwind and start snuggling in, I would prefer to be the center of attention. The words Velcro Lab have been said a few times but I have no idea what that means. All I want to do is love you and be your best friend.  I get along great with my foster brothers, I think they like having a little sister to tease and play with. I sleep in my crate at night in the family room. FM snuck down to get a drink last night and found my Yellow Lab FB sleeping next to my crate. I think he is taking his Big Brother role very serious.  I keep looking out the window because I just know that the person who will make me the center of their world will be pulling into the driveway any day now. Could that person be you? 

; ;  


Wheat (#140870)

Wheat is a 1 year old yellow neutered male.  He is up to date on his shots and he is heartworm positive.  Lab Rescue will pay for his treatment if done with one of our vets. Wheat weighs in at around 44 lbs but needs to gain a few pounds. He is good with other dogs and approved for children aged 10 and up.
Wheat is a sweet and affectionate young guy.  Just like most young labs he will need a home where he can get lots of exercise and attention.  He walks well with an EZ Walk harness and is good in the car. Wheat is a country guy and would prefer to live in a quiet place without all of the noise and hustle and bustle of a big city. 

Update from Wheat's foster family 12/10/2014

Wheat is doing well. He plays with the resident dog and loves it. He has learned that the resident male is a friend, not a foe and is a real snugglebug. He still needs work on leash as he is a puller at times; EZ Walk harness is suggested. He has quickly learned sit and stay with vocal and hand signal and is working on other commands. He sleeps all night on a dog bed in our bedroom.   He loves to cuddle on the couch.