FIRST PLACE: Unmanned Aerial Systems and the Perception of Privacy: Impacts on the Use of a Geofence
Kyle Stevens, Florida Institute of Technology; Scott R. Winter, Faculty Advisor
SECOND PLACE: Impact of Graphical and Textual Weather Briefings on Preflight Aeronautical Decision Making
Quincy Little, Florida Institute of Technology; Brooke Wheeler, Faculty Advisor 
THIRD PLACE: Installation of Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems in Piston Powered General Aviation Aircraft
Myron Tedrow and Michael Carpenter; Quincy University
HONORABLE MENTION: Renewable Energy Sources in the FAR Part 141 Curriculum Aviation Training Environment
Andrew Thomas, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Steven Goetz, Faculty Advisor
HONORABLE MENTION: Perceptions on the Use of Manned and Unmanned Combat Aircraft Vehicles: An Affective Perspective
Zakery Inmon, Florida Institute of Technology; Scott R. Winter, Faculty Advisor



FIRST PLACE: Impacts of NEXTGEN Procedures on Delays at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport
Jon Hadler, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide; David Ison, Faculty Advisor
SECOND PLACE: Critical Success Factors for Student Transition: A Case Study of Chinese Collegiate Aviation Students at a Midwestern University
Yu Wang, Julius Keller, and Ching Hei Lo, Purdue University; Richard Fanjoy, Faculty Advisor
THIRD PLACE: Integrating Aircraft Accident Investigation and Career Development Theories and Concepts
Flavio Mendonca, Purdue University; Blake A. Allan, Faculty Advisor
HONORABLE MENTION: Incorporating Renewable Power in US Airports
Emily Thomas, Pedram Motevalli, Rohit Burani
HONORABLE MENTION: Transparency of People and Parts in an Aircraft During Maintenance
Rohit Burani, Kyle Jackson, Yiyang Gu, Linfeng Jin, Purdue University; Timothy Ropp, Faculty Advisor
HONORABLE MENTION: Quality and Productivity Measurement in Reverse Supply Chain of Aircraft Turbine Engine: A Case Study of Trent 700 Engines
Ashitha Annamalai, Jacob Shila, Rohit Burani, Purdue University; Mary Johnson, Faculty Advisor