2012 Student Posters

Airline Pilot Non-flight Related Activities During Cruise Flight and Perceptions on Their Safety Effects
Spencer I. Conklin, University of North Dakota

Computer Science Embedded in Aerospace – The MTSU Focus Lab (Flight Operation Center Unified Simulation)
Justice Amankwah and Dr. Paul Craig, Department of Aerospace, Middle Tennessee State University

Development of a Model of Airline Consumer Satisfaction
Clay Wildt, Undergraduate Research Lead; Jennifer Kirschner, Graduate Mentor; Purdue University

Lead Memory in General Aviation Aircraft Emissions
Julius Keller, Alessandro Mazza, and Jordan Raess; Lewis University

Minority Persistence in a Collegiate Aviation Program: A Phenomenonological Ethnography
Jennifer Kirschner; Faculty Advisor: Mihaela Vorvoreanu, Purdue University

Participation in Instrumental Music as a Predictor of Success in a Collegiate Level Aviation Flight Course
Tyson Jaquez; Advisors: Beth Bjerke, Kim Kenville, and John Bridewell, University of North Dakota

Predictors of Aerospace Team Performance
Artyom Ivakh, Shanna Jinkerson, and Emily Sanders; Faculty Advisors: Glenn Littlepage, Michael Hein, and Richard Moffet, Middle Tennessee State University

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