Categories and Benefits of Membership

According to the UAA Bylaws, membership shall be approved by the Board of Trustees upon recommendation of any officer, member, or the Executive Director. Membership categories will be Institutional, High School, Corporate, Professional, Associate, Student, Honorary, and Fellow. 

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Institutional membership is open to accredited institutions listed in the most current edition of the Higher Education Directory with existing or planned aviation programs or course offerings. Each institution will appoint one person to serve as its Representative.

High School membership is open to any accredited, secondary school with an existing or planned aviation program or course offerings. Each institution accepted for membership will appoint one person to serve as its Representative.


Corporate membership is open to any organization or enterprise which is committed to supporting and advancing the mission and goals of UAA. The organization will appoint one person to act as its representative to UAA.


Associate membership
is a voting membership open to any person with a sincere interest in furthering aviation education. This includes, but is not limited to, persons employed directly or in a consultant status in the aerospace industry. 

Professional membership is a voting membership open to all college or university faculty or staff engaged in or interested in the furtherance of any forms of aviation education.

Student membership is a non-voting membership open to students interested in aviation.

Fellow membership is a non-dues paying membership with full voting rights bestowed on past professional members who are otherwise no longer eligible for membership in that category. 

Honorary membership is a non-voting and non-dues paying membership open to those sponsors of aviation education who have contributed to the advancement of UAA's goals.