Vision, Mission, and Objectives


A professional association and unifying voice for promoting and furthering aviation education as a collegiate academic discipline.


To promote and foster excellence in collegiate aviation education by providing a forum for students, faculty, staff and practitioners to share ideas, to enhance the quality of education, and to develop stronger programs and curricula. To influence aviation education policy at all governmental levels. To provide and nurture the linkage between college aviation education, the aviation industry, and government agencies.


  • To be an open forum for all collegiate aviation education
  • To create and influence national policies related to aviation education
  • To assist students, faculty, and institutions in defining and achieving their aviation education aspirations
  • To encourage individuals to choose aviation-related careers
  • To assist in the professional development of individual members
  • To promote awareness of collegiate aviation through interaction with the aviation industry and government
  • To assist institutions in meeting the needs of the aviation industry and government
  • To be a media resource for accurate aviation education information